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Polycom Display Sizes Compared

My recent review of the Polycom SoundPoint IP335 raised an interesting question in some readers minds. Several readers wanted to know about the comparative sizes of the LCD displays across the various SoundPoint models. Since I have the IP335, an IP450 and my trusty IP650 in-house at the moment it was just a matter of time before I could take some photos to illustrate the differences.

All three of these photos have been shot and processed to ensure that they are to the same scale. I’ve also included a ruler in each shot to confirm the width of each display.

SoundPoint IP335: 102 x 33 pixels, 2 7/8″ (w) x 1″ (h)
SoundPoint IP450: 256 x 116 pixels, 3 5/16″ (w) x 1 1/2″ (h)
SoundPoint IP650: 320 x 160 pixels, 3 7/8″ (w) x 1 7/8″ (h)

The IP450 shot is a little overexposed. That phone is brand new and the LCD backlight defaulted to maximum brightness. Once properly provisioned my default configs dim the display when the phone is idle. The other two shots reflect phones in that idle state.

As you can clearly see, not only do the displays get larger moving into the higher end models, but the display resolution increases a lot. The upper models (IP550, IP560, IP650 and IP670) all share the same display size and resolution. The IP670 offering a color display.

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