Houston Utilities In The Post-Ike Period

Now I still have a major issue with AT&T, and very much prefer to not give them my business. However, in The Woodland Heights neighborhood where I live we have now been without electricity and cable tv for 9 days. That in an of itself is bad but not entirely unexpected.

The unexpected part is that we have not seen ANY Centerpoint or Comcast branded vehicles in the area. Accepting that Centerpoint, the electrical distribution utility, is using help from utilities all over the state I can say that we have not seen any kind of electrical utility vehicles in the neighborhood, branded for whomever.

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Things Found In The Back Yard

As a Canadian living in Houston the summer is such a curse. It’s hot. I mean really hot. Humid, too. But even that is not without its up-sides. Orchids really like it here. These are growing in our back yard.

These blossoms have been on-the-go for many weeks. This shot was taken this morning with the new camera (Canon Rebel XSi) that my wife gave me for my birthday.

No matter how rough things seem we should always look for the up-side, and count our blessings.

Houston Will Get Limited Muni Wifi Despite Earthlink

When last year it was announced that Houston was to get municipal wifi network I had to applaude Mayor Bill White for his vision and drive. There are vast number of people in this city for whom the internet is not readily accessible.

Houston is a huge city with a more pronounced digital divide than many other places. It’s the kind of place where opportunity presented to low income neighborhoods can make a big difference in the lives of people.

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It’s Cold Here In Houston!

I was born and raised in Canada. In fact, I spent a number of years in deep Northern Ontario right about here. I have experienced -53 degrees C although -40 C was much more common.

However, I have lived in South Texas for just over ten years. It’s 28 degrees F here this morning…and that’s just TOO COLD!