Gigaset C610A IP Now Available In The US

gigaset-c61H-skinned-200At long last the Gigaset C610A IP is available in the US. Gigaset recently issued a press release highlighting this very fact.

Much of the detail of the press release was already known from the product announcement back at CES. However, they have announced a possibly cute connection to SkinIt, a service that offers decorative skins for consumer electronics devices.

SkinIt are offering decorative skins for several Gigaset models. So if you really need a Hello Kitty skin to fit into your décor…you can have it. It seems more likely that someone would pick some classic art pattern to match their décor, or perhaps upload a custom image to brand the device unique to your company.

At $30 for each skin they’re not exactly cheap, but then it’s not outrageous either, given that you really want it to match your room. I expect that some will see the value in the skins. Myself, I like the classic black color of the unadorned device.

In related news, now that the C610A IP is available in the US I’ve added a note to this effect to the end of my 2009 review of the A580IP.

Since that review was published a number of people have commented that the A580IP was perhaps a bit too spartan in its feature set. At the time I thought it best to describe the lowest cost system being offered, especially since the S675IP was already reviewed elsewhere.

The C610A IP is now the baseline model that I would recommend. While the A580IP remains the least costly starter system, the C610A IP has the best price/performance mix of the various starter systems being offered. The S79H remains my preferred handset, should you need to add more handsets to the starter system.