Brough Turner, Netblazr, Freemium & Redundant IP For SOHO

This video is Brough Turner at the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks 2010 in Vienna. I truly admire the way this man thinks.

To be plain, anyone who works from a home office professionally should not be without redundant IP connectivity. Period.

In my case it’s Comcast Business Class cable backed by Covad DSL. However, I’d jump on Netblazr in a New York minute if they were offering the service in Houston. I very nearly switched to Sprint’s ill-fated point-to-point terrestrial wireless as my backup plan before it was discontinued.

That Netblazr is leveraging beam-forming via consumer hardware, and without a truck-roll, is absolutely perfect. I’m  not a big fan of the freemium business model, but I’d pay for their service.

BroughTurner: Structural Bypass – A Simple, Proven Path to “Real Broadband”

I really must make it to the US version of ECOMM in 2010. If only to hear Brough Turner in person. But for now, here’s a session he did at ECOMM ’09.

I especially like his point that “If you are arguing about network neutrality you’ve already lost!” That comes just at a time when the now ages old NN debate in the US is heating up at the FCC level.

Broadband Reform In The US: Turner, Isen & Obama

I just finished listening to Brough Turner’s Ecomm 2008 presentation called “Own The Network.” His talk is available for download from IT Conversations, the accompanying slides and notes are available from his blog.

Mr Turner’s key assertion is that we insist upon owning the dark fiber to our homes & businesses. This is very similar to David Isen’s idea of “Fiber From The Home.” It’s a principle that I can completely get behind.

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