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Answering A Few Questions About HDVoice

Some time ago over in the VOIP Forum at Broadband Reports there was an interesting thread about wideband telephony and it’s relationship to common ITSPs. The person who started the thread was surprised to find that they could not pass wideband audio between two accounts on the same SIP-based ITSP.


Holy cow, I just tried to pass G722 and Speex wideband through and it choked !! I can’t believe it, I thought they were supposed to be one of the more competent providers.

This person’s presumption was that if the call is between accounts at the same service provider it doesn’t traverse a media gateway, and so should support any desired codec. While the logic was basically sound, clearly this wasn’t the case as the person soon found out.

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Wideband Voice Thread At Broadband Reports

polycom_ip650_256I don’t generally hang around in public VoIP forums but I do monitor several using Google Reader. So it was that Tuesday evening I found a new thread about “HDVoice” at the VoIP Tech Chat forum on Someone had posted a question about the significance of HDVoice and a few braves souls were weighing in with their take on the matter.

There was some good information, but a little confusion about data rates and the possible use of ATAs with wideband voice. It looked like the start of a good conversation on the subject, in a potentially interesting crowd. I thought I’d offer my two cents…which kind of unexpectedly turned into more like half a dollar.

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