ProBlogger: Should You Move Your Blogging Site to HTTPS?

Lets Encrypt in LaptopIn many ways I’m not a fan of meta; social media about social media, conferences about conferences, blogs about blogging, etc. However, in an effort to stay in touch I do follow a few sites, including ProBlogger. Yesterday’s news dump included their post, "Should You Move Your Blogging Site to HTTPS?" 

In general, I appreciate their recommendation that bloggers adopt HTTPS. Since the guest author is an SEO specialist, he presents the argument from an SEO perspective. He notes that very soon Google will warn Chrome users when they arrive at a site that isn’t secured.

While the author hints very generally at some of the mechanics of moving to HTTPS, he fails to mention Let’s Encrypt. That’s a pity since the project has been a godsend to many bloggers, myself included.

When Lightningbase, my glorious host, offered integration with Let’s Encrypt back in February I jumped on it immediately.

The setup process was blissfully simple. Just a few clicks in their admin portal initially, then use a search & replace plugin to bulk change the root of every link in the database. Voila! Done.

The certificate auto-renewed at the 90 day point. There’s been no looking back.

Uptake of Let’s Encrypt has been growing, with 16 million active certificates at present. It’s supported by a long list of hosting providers.

What I don’t understand is why ProBlogger removed a comment I left about Let’s Encrypt. I don’t really understand how a post encouraging people to use HTTPS could fail to mention the newest approach to easier implementation via a free, automated, and open certificate authority.

Meta: The Topical Scope Of My Blogging

Blogging about blogging is a kind of meta-blogging. I’ve not done much of that as yet, but this is something of a start. I’m even adding “meta” as a category for posts. Now on to the idea at hand…

In recent years VoIP has been one of my passions. It’s hard to know whether that been driven by a love of the technology or animosity towards ILECs. Perhaps equal parts of both. It’s passion in either case. But in reality there’s much more to SOHO operations that just VoIP.

This has been on my mind a lot lately. In fact, I’m seriously thinking about expanding the scope of this blog a bit. “Graves On SOHO VoIP” was an accurate statement of what I set out to cover a little over two years ago when I got started, but I find it a little confining these days.

I hate revisiting the same topics repeatedly, even though new readers are still learning those lessons. That’s why in various places, like the VoIP forum over at DSL Reports I tend to refer people to old blog posts for topics that I’ve already addressed. Heck, that’s a significant part of why I started this blog in the first place.

All things must grow, so I’ll gradually adopt a wider scope of SOHO technologies. Don’t worry, VoIP will always be a significant theme around here. But man cannot live by VoIP alone…or so I’m told…by people who should know.

So be looking for something of mild rebranding. Someday. Soon-ish. When I get around to it.

About My Blogging

audio-codes-320hdb-300About a week ago I read a tweet someone posted stemming from a conversation with their boss. The topic under consideration was blogging. The boss asserted that they should be posting more frequently, even if they are short posts. Their own impression had been that quality trumps quantity and longer, well-considered posts take time.

The initial tweet was met with a range of replies, myself amongst them. I instinctively agreed with the stance that quality is an imperative. However, as is often the case, after mulling it over for a while I’m not sure the answer is so simple or obvious. To borrow from my roots a Western Canadian cultural-ism, the better answer could be “that depends.”

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