Eight Weeks Later: Living With The Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook

thinkpad-x1-carbon-site-300pxWhile under a different title, this post is the third in a series called A Road Warrior Plans To Shed Some Weight. It describes my thoughts leading to the purchase of an Ultrabook.

It’s been about eight weeks since the Lenovo X1 Carbon arrived. During that time I’ve made three business trips. So I’ve accumulated some experience with the X1 Carbon (hereafter just X1C) both at home and on the road.

The day or two after I placed the order for the X1C I came down with a significant case of buyers remorse. I paid around $1700 for the device, which is without question a lot of money. I had thought that perhaps I was being unduly irresponsible, even for me.

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Business Travel in 2008 vs Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

Since the turn of the year I’ve been getting around a bit. I’ve been to Austin TX, Cambridge UK, Chicago IL (twice), Indianapolis IN, and Philadelphia PA. In going to/from Chicago both trips were complicated by weather related flight delays and cancellations. It was sleeting in Indianapolis last week, but I was only delayed a few hours.

One of the last HD-DVDs that I bought was Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Watching the early part of the movie it’s funny to examine what he thought space travel would be like. The lead character is presumably traveling first class. The service sure seems good, and there aren’t many other travelers.

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SproutBuilder Is Seriously Cool!

SproutBuilder IconFrom DEMO 2008 this week we have the launch of SproutBuilder, an online web 2.0 construction tool for Flash widgets. This looks so incredibly cool!!! So much promise. There has been so much buzz about Adobe entering into voip action via their new AIR platform. Something like Sprout could leverage this to great effect.

I once undertook to learn Flash v4, but found it wanting. I was frustrated by the fact that in designing flash Macromedia seemed to ignore all the precidents for manner of operation establish by animation software over the years. It was as if they truly ignored everything that came before. This was a drag for those of use who had used animation software for some time already. It meant getting to know things the “Macromedia” way, which was not always productive or intuitive.

I quickly moved over to Swish as a solution to creating my own Flash content. Swish is great. Vast amounts of the common banner ads that you see everywhere online are created in Swish. You can tell by the looking at the effects used on text.

I also hope that WordPress will let us embed Sprout objects into our pages. At present we can’t do that unless we host on a paid service so that we can have our own private instance of Worpdress running.