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Deal Alert: Sennheiser SDW 5033 DECT Wireless Headset at

Today I discover that is offering my favorite Sennheiser DECT wireless headset for $162.14. You might recall I described it last year. Their current offer is the best price I’ve ever seen, on a worthy tool for the home office dweller.

Update: (May, 26, 2022) Upon closer look, it turns out the model offered by Woot is not exactly the same as the one that graces my desk. Mine is a SDW 5016. It’s a little more costly, since it includes a connection in support of interface to my desk phone. Also, a Bluetooth dongle supporting integration with a mobile phone, tablet or a second computer.

The SDW 5066 is the top-of-the-range, double-sided (binaural) model. The double-sided headset is best if you’re in a noisy office environment. It blocks out nearby distraction. In my quiet home office I’m happy enough with the single-ear model.

The Woot offer has apparently sold out. That said, I see the SDW 5016 offered on Amazon for $185.10. That’s still a good price on a home office workhorse. Highly recommended.

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