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Ipevo Strikes Again With The VX-1 Internet Conference Station

ipevo vx-1 internate conference station 300pxIf you’ve been loitering hereabouts regularly for a long while, you may recall that I was once seeking an affordable USB-attached conference phone. I tried the Ipevo X1N6 Internet Conference Phone and found it lacking.

Not long after I published that review the company contacted me, suggesting that the device I had was simply faulty, and offering a replacement. I was surprised at the offer, but I accepted.

Given the reality of production in batches in Asia, it took some months to get the replacement. When it arrived it behaved exactly like the first. On that basis I decided to let the matter drop.

Last month I was again contacted by Ipevo, this time with the offer a sample of their new VX-1 Internet Conference Station for evaluation. I admit that my curiosity got the better of me. Had they really learned anything from that older product? They were taking a risk in making the offer as I had not been kind at our first encounter.

True to their offer, a VX-1 arrived a few days ago. It’s been unpacked but as yet I’ve not had the opportunity to take it for a test drive.

At least superficially, it feel more substantial than it’s predecessor. It’s not exactly larger, but it’s heavier.

It sports USB 2.0 connectivity for use with soft phones like Skype, Hangouts, GotoMeeting and the like. I also has a 3.5mm analog jack for connection to a cell phone, tablet, or even a cordless phone. So it’s a little more flexible in addresses different use cases than the older model.

Looking to Amazon for a sense of cost I see that the Ipevo VX-1 Internet Conference Station is offered for $219. That’s considerably more than the older X1N6 model, which still sells for $139. Of course, based upon my past experience I can’t recommend that device.

More to follow in the coming weeks.

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