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New Tools In My Home Office: More Webcams!

Faced with this tweet by Randi Harper my head rang with the sound of “More Cowbell!” Although in this case the memory of the old SNL skit skews to more webcams! Her tweet shared an Amazon offer of the Logitech C920 for just $59.99, where it normally sells for $89.99.

Webcam Grouping

A C920 has been my primary webcam for the past year or more. I’ve been considering the purchase of a second. Given the sale pricing I could not resist. In fact, I ordered three different webcams, and to my surprise the Amazon order placed on Thursday, arrived on Sunday. That’s our first experience with their Sunday delivery.

My exploration of business communications using webcams has given rise to a substantial inventory of webcams hereabouts;

Those marked with * are the most recent additions. The Logitech CC3000e, also a new addition, is on loan for review.

If you have been paying attention you might have noticed cameras used in novel ways, for example when 2600 Hz appeared on a VUC call back in February. The availability of an extra camera allowed me to  show the Nexus 5 that they had prepared to demonstrate the provisioning facet of their newly created MVNO capabilities.


All of these cameras get plumbed into Wirecast where it’s possible to compare them directly, even create split-screen shots to put their output side by-side.


logitech-video-conferencing-kit-cc3000eThis week my focus will be on the Logitech CC3000e Conference Cam since they will be appearing on the VUC this coming Friday to talk about that device. I hope to experiment with it using a variety to soft clients, in order to have some good questions prepared by Friday.

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