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Deal Alert: Cerious Software* Offers ThumbsPlus v9 Standard Free For Personal Use

ThumbsPlus-Dell-MonitorHow do I love thee? Let me count the upgrade cycles. I bought my first copy of ThumbsPlus in August of 2000 when v4.0 was released. For going on fourteen years it has been my preferred software for managing our library of digital images. There are other programs for managing graphic files, some even open source or freeware, but I still like ThumbsPlus. I am pleased to recommend it, and even more pleased to say that for a short time Cerious Software is offering ThumbsPlus 9 Standard free for personal use.

ThumbsPlus does a zillion things, most of them extremely well. It reads/writes/converts/edits dozens of types of raster images. It performs lossless rotations on JPEG files, batch renames files, prints contact sheets. I could go on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that I use this software every day.

There’s only one thing that I’ve found that it doesn’t do as well as I’d like. It’s not as clean as Photoshop when it comes to scaling (resizing) images. As an image database and format convertor it’s not intended to displace Photoshop. In fact, I most often work with both applications open, using ThumbsPlus to find images, dragging them over into Photoshop for composition & editing.

Go. Now. Try this program. You can thank me later.

* Not to be confused with Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. Also, not related to Apple’s Siri.

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