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Deal Alert: Frontgate Offering Gigaset C610H Handsets for $9.50

Just before the holidays someone noted in a thread at DSL Reports that Frontgate was offering the C610H DECT handset for $30 each including shipping. This is the the handset that comes with the C610A IP starter system that was first offered in the US in June 2011.

This morning it seems that they’ve dropped the price to just $9.50 each! There’s some conjecture as to whether these are new or refurbished, but at that price it simply may not matter.

The handsets offered are expansion handsets. They will work with any Gigaset DECT base that has been sold in North America, including the older A580-IP and C675-IP  models. The current models offered are the A510-IP and C610A-IP models which sell for $90 and $100 respectively for a DECT base and one handset.

To add further bit of conjecture, I expect that these handsets are now end-of-life. Gigaset turns over the product offering every 2 years-ish. That means that there are newer models offered or about to be offered. After all…CES is just a few days away.

I believe that Skinit still offers a library of colorful skins for several Gigaset models. This is what you see on the handset pictured here. They cite the C59H as the model that their skins cover, but it has exactly the same dimensions as the C610H.

All of the Gigaset models that I’ve mentioned are SIP-capable. There are a few additional models that do not have “IP” in the model name for the base system. These include DECT bases that are not SIP-capable, so for use on analog phone lines. These bargain handset will work with those systems as well, but that’s hardly interesting.

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  1. P.S. – Michael White from E4 contacted Frontgate to inquire about their inventory. He was told that they have over 300 pc remaining.

  2. Thank you for the heads up! I saw the thread and passed. But at $9.50, I ordered 3 for the house.

  3. Thanks! I ordered 3 for that price. Perfecting timing as I was debating if I should buy an ATA for some old analog phones that I wanted to plug in at home, now I don’t need to and these will sound better.

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