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New Protection For Our Androids

nexus-7-nexus-4Not long ago Ed Tyson of Expert Shield contacted me with an offer of his companies screen protection for our Android devices. As our various phones (Nexus 4) & tablets (Nexus 7) are presently naked(!) I decided to take him up on his offer. We’re just awaiting arrival of the goods.

In the past I have used Skinomi Techskin and found them quite good. I once again reached for their products when I shattered the glass back on my Nexus 4 some weeks ago. The carbon wrap is still working great to hold the broken back together.

That said, I found that the clear protective layer for the front of the phone was a bit on the thick side. While it worked well enough as protection I found that it felt a little gummy to the touch. It subtly changed the feel of the phone in use, something that I’d like to avoid if possible.

Stella and I were initially using the Poetic Borderline Bumper case for Google Nexus 4 but we both stopped using them in recent weeks. Stella found that it made the power and volume buttons awkward to access. Mine simply tore near the power connection, then started to come apart.

Stella also confided that she had scratched the front of her Nexus 4. This was bound to happen if it got tossed into her purse along with goodness-knows-what-else-might-be-in-there. One unfortunate contact with a set of keys is all it takes to carve a groove into a touch screen.

I’ve long maintained that the normal laws of time & space are suspended within the confined of woman’s purse. It gives me the willies to be asked to fetch something from that netherworld. I fear that I may lose a digit or worse.

I had a look on Amazon and found that while Expert Shield protection is sold there, there were no user reviews. Since the company was going to provide samples I thought it would be worth giving them a try, even just to share the experience.

In Stella’s case I’ll put the Expert Shield protection on both front and back. Since the back of my phone is already covered by the adhesive-laden carbon Techskin I’ll only need the front surface for my Nexus 4.

More news to follow once we have the product in-hand.

Disclosure: Yes, these will be product samples supplied at no cost by the manufacturer. Nonetheless, I will offer a very plain and frank opinion of the product based upon our experience with its use.

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