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Reselling Samsung Galaxy Nexus & Some Accessories

GalaxyNexus-Press-300.jpgJust FYI, I’ve recently listed my Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone on E-bay. It’s a great phone and less than a year old. It’s in very good shape. Of course, it’s running the latest Android Jelly Bean, which is v4.2.1. Jelly Bean gives you the 100% pure Android experience with none of the carrier goop to muddle the works or delay firmware updates.

I’m including a suite of accessories with the Galaxy Nexus;

Here’s a link to the auction which ends on Thursday, February 7th.

It’s been a truly great phone. However, I gave my wife a Nexus 4 for Christmas, and it was too difficult to watch her enjoying that device. I ended up ordering one for myself now that availability has improved.

Here are some pics of the Galaxy Nexus just to prove that it’s been factory reset and in good shape.






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