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Holiday Gift Idea: Jabra SPEAK 410 USB Speakerphone

Jabra SPEAK 410 USB SpeakerphoneOk, you’re here, so that makes you something of a geek. Perhaps you have another telephony geek in your life, or your family are asking for a Christmas list. Whatever the case, a good USB speakerphone is really handy and makes nice present.

I’ve used a number of these things over the years. For the past few months I’ve had a Jabra SPEAK 410 on the corner of my desk.

Little round-and-loud has proven to be a solid performer. I’ve used it to participate in Google Hangouts, with Skype and GotoMeeting as well as various SIP soft phones. You might have seen me show it in a recent VUC call with Logitech. Whatever the client software, in every case it worked well. It sounds great to my ear and conveys my voice clearly to the far end.

The microphone is omni-directional, effective to about one yard. That makes the SPEAK 410 ideal for desk use, even if you have a person on either side of the desk.

In my case the SPEAK 410 has been desk bound, but it’s well adapted for life on the road. The USB cord wraps into a groove around the base, the end locking firmly in place. Then it slips into a round neoprene protective case with a zippered closure. It makes a tidy package to carry in your travels.

While this is no formal review, I am comfortable recommending the Jabra SPEAK 410 for the voip geek on your Christmas list. Whether leading a team of geeks or just chatting with your sweetheart, it’s a quality device that will serve you well.

Acknowledgement: The Jabra SPEAK 410 comes to me courtesy of VoIP Supply.

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    1. Tested. No, I’ve not done any kind of formal test. But I do have a couple of Clear One Chat 50 and a Chat 150 on-hand. What do you want to know?

      1. I am just curious to know your opinion on how audio quality compares.  Does either have a better speaker?  Does either have a better mic?

        1. The Chat 50 (60?) is on my wife’s desk. It’s smaller, which can be advantageous, but it doesn’t sound as good. The smaller speaker seems to be the reason. 

          The Chat 50 has a directional mic, so better suited to one person at a desk. The SPEAK 410 has an omni mic, although it’s reach is similar. 

          Both have good echo cancellation. Both handle wideband telephony at least 100 Hz to 7 KHz.

          The SPEAK 410 has an attached USB cords with built-in stowage. It also comes with a nice protective case, making it better suited to life  on the road.

  1. Michael, what’s your current recommendation for a PC-connectable speaker/mic for larger groups?  My company needs one that’ll work for ~8 people around a conference table.

    Thanks, both for you advice on this and your ongoing sharing of your insights.

    1. Personally, I own a Clear One Chat 160, which has proven itself on many occasions.

      If you want something that’s more versatile, abeit more costly, you might consider a Polycom SoundStation Duo. It’s a lot like the SoundStation IP5000, but with three interfaces; IP/SIP, analog POTS interface and analog PC mic/line connectivity.

      My employer now owns one of these for use in the smaller of our UK meeting rooms.

      So I’ve bought both of these devices. Voting with my wallet is about the best recommendation I can give.

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