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Tip For Adding An Expansion Handset To A Gigaset C610A IP SIP/DECT System

In recent weeks there has been a long running thread over at the DSL Reports VoIP forum. It revolves around differences in the menus on the handsets the ship as part of a Gigaset C610A IP SIP/DECT phone system vs C610H expansion handset.

The menus on the handset show or hide certain options depending upon how the handset was intended to be delivered. It might deliver as part of a C610A IP system, in which case the menu option to “Select Services” is shown. The handset may be configured to deliver as part of a Gigaset C610A-L410 combination. Since that system is not IP-capable the “Select Services” menu is not shown on the handset.

This difference only comes into play when you’re adding an additional C610H handset to an existing C160A IP system. The initial shipment of C610H expansion handsets to North America were preset in manufacturing as if they were for use in a non-IP capable installation. This bothered some people who wanted matching feature sets on all of their handsets.

While it took some time to get Gigaset to respond to this concern, they eventually published a keystroke sequence that will enable those menu items that are by default hidden on the C610H accessory handsets. Here’s how it’s done:

“ok everyone, I have the procedure for re-instating the "Select Services" icon in the menu. This will work for the C610H add-on handsets you have where you notice that the menu looks different than the menu on the handset that came with the C610AIP system.

Get into the menu (right click silver 4-way navkey)

Type in *#7337#

Enter in the 15 digit string 52795 52281 52473

Press “ok” softkey on bottom right of screen.”

Subsequent shipments of the C610H to North America may arrive preset for use with the C610A IP system, in which case this procedure is not required.

In recent months there have been a few threads involving Gigaset in that same forum. This has prompted to Gigaset to consider launching some further way to post such information to the web. Further details are as yet unreleased, but it’s good to know that they are listening.

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  1. Do you know if this has an intercom? I want to be able to page my kids to say “clean your room” without them having to pick up the phone…

    1.  It has an intercom, but I don’t think that it has a paging function. Someone must answer the intercom to hear any voice.

  2. I’ve just received a Gigaset C610A IP and C610H. Unfortunately, the instructions to enable the Select Services menu above don’t work on the new C610H and gigaset_man appears to have moved on.  If you have any contacts at Gigaset that might spill the secret incantation for the newest phones, that would be . . . awesome.

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