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Grandstream Network’s New GXP-1400: HDVoice On The Cheap

Not too long ago the only phones truly capable of delivering an HDVoice experience were in the upper end of the pricing spectrum for common desktop SIP phones, typically well over $200 each. Early in 2010 the situation improved when Polycom released the Soundpoint IP335 priced at around $130.

Grandstream Network’s recently dropped the cost of entry another notch in releasing their new GXP1400 & GXP1405 models. According to their press release:

“The GXP1400/1405 delivers superior wideband HD audio quality, high performance full duplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation…”

With list pricing in the range of $59 and 65 USD they’re certainly on the affordable side of things.

For that price you might expect very little, but they seem to have a reasonable compliment of features, including;

  • 2 line keys with dual-color LED
  • one SIP registration
  • 128×40 pixel graphical LCD display
  • 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys
  • dual network ports
  • integrated PoE (GXP1405 only)
  • 3-way conferencing

I’ve not laid hands on these new models myself, but I can certainly see they may appeal to a more cost conscious uSMB or SOHO user.

While I have no doubt that you get what you pay for, I’m also keenly aware that everyone’s sense of what has value is a little different. If you were holding off exploring the benefits of HDVoice purely because of cost, perhaps the GXP140x models could get you started down that path in a most affordable manner?


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