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New Gigaset Firmware

Earlier this week the Gigaset C610A-IP that I’ve had for the past month reported that there was a new firmware release available. Glancing over at the Gigaset web site I see that the C610A-IP is not yet listed in the US version of the site. Nor is the related firmware in the download section. That means no release notes to help make the decision about installing the new firmware.

I know that Michael White at E4 Technologies has been awaiting a shipment from Gigaset. Visiting I see that the C610A-IP remains listed as not currently available. I expect that the US arm of Gigaset is eagerly awaiting literally a boatload of product.


When the C610A-IP arrived here it was running v42022. The new release is reported as v42025. Since we’re not yet using the C610A-IP as our main home phone I felt it worth the risk to load the new firmware. A quick trip into the web GUI, one reboot, and it was running the new code.


One of the nicer things about the C610A-IP over the previous models is that it allows you to revert back to earlier firmware if desired. This was not the case previously, and the company learned it’s value when they released a most unfortunate software release in December 2009.

Embedded systems like these have limited machine resources, including flash memory space. Every new release of firmware that adds significant features tends to get bigger. At some point development becomes constrained on the older platforms because of hardware limitations.

The December 2010 release of firmware for the A580IP included a set-up for a different path to release code on the upgrade server. This suggests that the older systems will eventually see limited new releases, but the newer systems like the C610A-IP will fetch their firmware from a slightly different path on the Gigaset server.

Rest assured I’ll be having more to say about the C610A-IP once we’ve used it for a while.

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  1. and the release notes arrived …

    Gigaset C590 IP, C595 IP, C610 IP, C610A IP, N300 IP, N300A IP, N510 IP PRO – Firmware update 05/2011 (version 025)

    Improvements and changes:

    Setting up » Web configurator » Profile download in Mozilla Firefox 4.0 is now optimized

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