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Beginning 2011 With A Simple Statement of Philosophy & Goals

What better way to begin the new year than with a simple statement of philosophy? This will serve as a foundation for many things to come:

To be productive in the home office it’s critical that we communicate effectively with the rest of the world. No matter how well we think we’re doing in this regard, we can always be better. We should constantly strive to improve.

In this quest we should re-examine old habits, and explore new possibilities where we find them.

Further, every bit of technology that we deploy either helps or hinders in this drive to improve our ability to communicate. My goal is to try new approaches or tools where possible, and document what works, or doesn’t work, for my home office.

I offer this up because I can see a clear trend in the notes and drafts that I have before me. The motivation for all of it springs from this simple, unrelenting desire to communicate better. It’s very Tom Peters in some ways, strive for excellence and all…but that’s ok by me.

Also, in the coming year I will try to be more disciplined about my blogging. That doesn’t mean posting more frequently. Nor does it mean shorter or longer posts. It should mean improving the overall signal/noise ratio. I hope to write more posts that genuinely merit inclusion on the “Best Of…” page.

As always, comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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  1. For those of us who meet almost all our clients and customers through technology rather than face-to-face, people like you who are willing to experiment on the leading edge create the “workable” solutions for tomorrow that help all of us communicate more clearly. I keep watching your blog here for that reason. If you’re paying attention to something… it is worth my attention to your summaries, pointers, tips, and exploring sometimes too-bleeding-edge-for-me technologies that may in 2011 become what I use to help me build clearer… “wideband” connections with my clients. Thanks for all you’ve done, uncommented on by me, this past year. Appreciate it! Happy New Year 2011.

    1. Rick,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Such comments are a big part of what keeps me investing time and energy into this little project.

      Incidentally, the first post of 2011 was in fact #701 in the life of the site. I thought it a curious coincidence that it should past the new year at such a nice, round number.


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