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New Gigaset Firmware Released

After a couple of weeks of rumors from elsewhere today our Gigaset S675IP system announced the availability of a new firmware release.

The companies US web site doesn’t yet have any details about this new release. It still shows the last release as being version 02223 from March 2010. The new release is version 02227.

The screen shot above indicates that our S675IP took the new firmware. I’ve enlarged the portion of the display that shows the version. I’ve done some cursory testing and found that basic calling over our home line ( via OnSIP) is working normally.

We presently have three A58H and two C59H handsets operating with this S675IP base. We’ll see how it behaves over the next few days and report any issues we find.

Update! Tuesday December 21, 1PM CST

I see that the Gigaset web site has been updated and now includes some release notes and a link to the version 02227 firmware.

  • New URL for profile and firmware update:…
  • PSTN: correct behavior for calls using access code with 2 or 3 digits
  • VoIP: account specific MWI notification
  • VoIP: improved early media support for outgoing wideband calls (handling of ALERTING)
  • Fix for internal call from a wideband handset to a narrowband handset
  • Display correct date for the last three days of the year.
  • Web Configurator (Settings/Telephony/Audio): the Codec list for is also displayed if no other VoIP accounts are configured.
  • Web Configurator (Status/Device): MAC identifier for auto-configuration is shown additionally to MAC address.
  • PBX Interoperability: Trixbox Pro – fix for incoming calls
  • Australia: correct Daylight Saving Time is used.
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  1. Is it now possible to dial SIP URI with characters as username. I love my A580 but it only allows number calling. With this new firmware is it possible to call something like “”?

    1. I saw this working with the new C610 model at CES. It’s not clear if that firmware will be available for the older models. It might require the faster processor and extra memory of the new chipset.

      I suspect that existing handsets could be paired to the new C610 base. Then dialing by SIP URI from the contact list may be possible. I’ll certainly test this when either new firmware or a C610 demo unit becomes available.

  2. On the Gigaset models, is there a way to make the voice read back the date during voice messages using the American mm/dd/yy form rather than dd/mm/yy?

  3. My A580IP came with firmware 02223, and promptly updated to 02227.
    Unfortunately the option to register a VOIP provider does not appear (tried loas of things and not a noob).
    Siemens support say:

    ‘We are sorry to hear you have encountered inconveniences while using your Gigaset A580IP.
    Regarding your query on no longer being able to configure your VoIP account after the recent firmware update, we inform you that the inconvenience has been reported by other users and it has been escalated to our Development Team.’

    So for now, I suggest keeping away from 02227.

    Thanks for the topic, btw.


    1. Sorry to hear you had trouble with it. I’ve upgraded two systems without any issue.

      One of the n ice things about the new systems shown at CES 2011 is that they allow you to revert to older software if desired. None of the existing systems allow that.

      1. >>>>>>allow you to revert to older software if desired<<<<<
        See Siemens it's not so difficult after all…….. You leave the older versions of firmware on the server and make sure that the code is written to accept firmware of whatever date.

        Firmware reversion is a long overdue facility after the debacle of version 2222 which introduced a bug with info services which caused frequent crashes. I haven't – and never will – forgive Siemens for that!

        Shame this is not available for legacy systems.

        I have upgraded my S685IP system to 2227 today without problems becoming apparent immediately – but I will never set firmware upgrades to automatic as I don't trust Siemens to get it right!

  4. I purchased a brand new A580IP phone two weeks ago from Ligo and it came with a letter from Ligo saying that there were known issues with the latest firmware. The phone actually came with the older firmware 223, but it wasn’t possible to configure SIP settings on that. Then after updating the firmware on the base station to 2227, it still wasn’t possible to update the firmware.

    I was speaking with the gigaset support line, and initially I was told that my browser settings were probably incorrect – they sent me instructions on modifying the registry to reduce the number of conncurrent connections to server, or some similar parameter. This did not sort the problem out

    I was then told that it was a firmware issue and that the development team would have a new firmware released by the end of last week. This never happened either.

    I was then told that it was a hardware issue and that the phone should be sent to them for repairs. I decided to return it to Ligo instead.

    Siemens clearly are full of excuses when it comes to these problems, and very slow at sorting them out, so the phones should not be on the market.

    1. Perhaps, but I need to change some gear around before I can do that. I didn’t change out the A580 right away since I initially had only one C610H handset for the C610 system. I need to put newer gear into service so that we can speak about it based upon greater depth of experience.

    2. Perhaps, but before I will comment about anything I need to actually use it. As I said in answering you other comment, I need to put the newer model into full-time service to gain some experience with it. Only then will I offer comment.

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