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AskoziaPBX v2.0 Released

You just know that I’m a sucker for embedded Asterisk distributions. It’s true. Combine this with my long time use of m0n0wall and pfsense and you’ll see that I can help but be drawn to AskoziaPBX.

AskoziaPBX combines the web user interface framework from Manuel Kasper’s m0n0wall with Asterisk, in a package that’s intended for use on small format hardware.

By “small form factor” I mean genuine appliances! Not some big hulking server all dressed up in pretty metalwork and just calling itself an appliance, like a WWE refugee in a skirt!

How about a diskless, fanless, low-power consumption, low heat output, box small enough to literally get lost in your desk drawer? Yep, just plug-me-in-take-a-breath-and-I’m-ready-for-ya voipy goodness.

But I digress. Sorry. Can’t help myself. Ah, glorious open source!

Michael Idema the project leader just this afternoon announced the release of the long awaited AskoziaPBX v2.0. There’s a whole lot of new and shiny in this release, so get yourself over there and check it out!.

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