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New Gigaset Models For 2010

After going quite for some time it was good to hear from a friend at Gigaset Communications earlier this week. I’m told that earlier in the year they undertook a little strategic restructuring but are continuing to promote their SIP/DECT line of cordless phones in the US.

In fact, they’re introducing a couple of new models to the US; the C59H and S79H (pictured) handsets. Rumor has it that we might see samples of these new handsets some time soon.

If your recall back in July 2009 I described our experience using the entry-level A580IP systems around the house. These remain in service, although we also have a couple of nicer S67H and S78H handsets.

I had intended to review each model but found that Alan Lord’s review of the S685IP was already a good resource for the middle-level S675IP model. The only difference between the S675IP (available in the US) and the S685IP that Alan describes is the addition of Bluetooth capability. The S675IP model offered in the US supports only a wired headset.

I may yet get around to describing the super-deluxe S78H handset, very possibly in some comparative fashion relative to the new S79H.

With their CATiq-based support for G.722 the Gigasets remain the most affordable way to experience wideband, HDVoice calling. Not only have I used there around the house, but I’ve also provisioned a couple for home office based co-workers.

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    1. I see no reason why they wouldn’t. The price is right given that the S79H is a little better than the S67H and not quite as nice as the SL78H. In some ways the S79H may be more ideal than the SL79H. I’ll have more to say about that after I’ve seen one.

  1. Anyone considering buying – beware! Gigaset issued a faulty firmware version for the base sets last November and failed users in getting a fix/workaround swiftly.
    The major issue is the inability of users to revert to a previous version of firmware -seemingly because of the way variable data is stored between firmware versions – a serious omission in Gigaset’s procedure.
    I’d wait until Gigaset works out an acceptable firmware upgrade/downgrade procedure.

  2. I just bought a S79H and paired it with my “old” A580IP.
    The basic functions such as making and receiving calls work fine.
    I have yet to try any of the “extra” features.
    (All my equipment is of the european version, if it makes any difference).

    Even when i have the phone, i’m still looking forward to a possible review :).

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