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SIP Trunks don’t exist. There’s no such thing.

Digium’s Tristan Barnum, Director of Product Marketing for Switchvox, has a nice piece over at IT Business Edge called , “Five Things You Didn’t Know About VoIP” I especially like item #5 on her list, “SIP Trunks don’t exist. There’s no such thing.” It’s so very true, yet it flies in the face of the growing hubbub about SIP trunking in recent years.

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  1. Funny, that’s actually one of the reasons I switched to Flowroute. I was with VoicePulse at the time and hated that idea of 4 channels max with a 20 / channel fee for each additional regardless of use. Flowroute is unlimited channels, pay per use. Love it. Allows me to have a slow month or a crazy need for a 20 person conference call. I wonder what Verizon’s new plans will have.

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