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OpenPeak Tablet At Mobile World Congress

Paul Otellini of Intel made a keynote address at this past Mobile World Congress. One of the things he highlighted was OpenPeak’s OpenTablet 7, which is based on an Intel Moorestown CPU. Here’s a clip from that presentation.

It’s interesting to see how the tablet is the basis of the product and the handset merely an aspect of the dock that provides its context as a business class desk phone. The combination is what OpenPeak has called the ProFrame 7. It’s been a product for quite some time but not available in North America.

In the video clip the presenter refers to the device on-stage as “could even be your home phone.” That might be true but the base you see in the clip is actually the business class phone. The residential/consumer base is the basis of the OpenTablet 7 model, and is pictured below. 

It appears that OpenTablet 7 lacks the core telephony capabilities. The OpenFrame 7 model includes a larger dock with the DECT RFP, making it a candidate to host DECT handsets. OpenPeak’s promo photos (below) show handsets that appear to be OEM’d from Siemens/Gigaset.

As you can tell I have some real enthusiasm for this product line. I was prepared to give the Verizon HUB a try were it not for their contract terms and over-controlling approach to the hardware. If these products, or products like these, come to market they stand to revitalize the concept of the home phone…and by extension (pardon the pun) they may have a dramatic impact on SOHO telephony.

Correction: I am told that the residential/consumer version…OpenTabet 7…also has VoIP capability, and further that in that case it’s not DECT based, but rather uses Bluetooth technology.

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