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Zoiper Softphone Goes HD In A Big Way!

zoiperHere’s the headline:

Zoiper is the First 3rd Party Softphone to Support Skype’s SILK, Polycom’s SIREN and the Broadvoice Codecs

How does that sound? Pretty major, right? Wanna know more? Here are the details.

Given that ZoIPer Communicator is available in web, Windows, Mac & Linux flavors this could jump them to the head of the class for HDVoice support in a soft phone. And of course, ZoIPer Communicator has long supported both SIP and IAX protocols. Yes, you have options. Very nice.


ZoIPer Communicator comes in free and “BIZ” versions. The free versions do include the new wideband codecs. Oh, yes. They’ve added a number of newer low bit-rate narrowband codecs as well. Want the full codec list? OK, here it is quoted from the press release.

Codec Sample Rate Bit-Rate
Speex Wideband 16 KHz 28 kbps
Speex Ultrawideband 32 KHz 30 kbps
G.722 16 KHz 64 kbps
SILK Wideband* 16 KHz variable up to 40 kbps
SILK Superwideband* 24 KHz variable up to 40 kbps
BroadVoice32*** 16 KHz 32 kbps
Siren7/G.722.1** 16 KHz 24-32 kbps
Siren14/G.722.1c** 32 KHz 24, 32 or 48 kbps
SILK Narrowband* 8 KHz variable up to 40 kbps
SILK Mediumband* 12 KHz variable up to 40 kbps
BroadVoice16*** 8 KHz 16 kbps
* licensed from SKYPE®
** licensed from Polycom®
*** licensed from Broadvoice®

But wait…there’s more…earlier today I was on a short conference call with Zeeek using the ZipDX wideband conference bridge. Zeeek was testing the Windows release of ZoIPer Communicator, which sure sounded great. He said that Zoa is setting up the VUC with a custom branded edition of the free version of the software. How classy is that?

I must admit that I’ve not had a chance to try the beta that’s been in circulation. From today’s test call it seems that the software is pretty solid, at least in G.722. This diversity of wideband codecs in a soft phone makes it possible to be an optimal fit into various existing technical eco-systems. It’s well on its way to being a universal voip client. I know that I certainly have use for such flexibility.

This kind of commitment to call quality will likely see me spending money on the BIZ versions.

Finally, we have some real competition in the soft phone space! It’s about time. This is just awesome!

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  1. ZoIPer has long been a favorite softphone of mine and after meeting Zoa at Astricon, I have to say that his continued contributions to Open Source voip couldn’t come from a nicer guy.

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