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HDVoice & Asterisk: Hearing The Siren’s Song Part 3

Asterisk & HDVoiceIn this third installment I’ll try to broaden your experience with wideband and super-wideband telephony by exposing you to a selection of recorded audio samples using various encoding techniques.

Until now the examples used were strictly in English. This next set of six samples recordings are in six different languages; Norwegian, Chinese, French, German, Russian & Spanish. Each is presented in a comparative form, with three codecs intercut into one example recording. Then again in each of the following; uncompressed, super-wideband (G.722.1C), wideband (G.722/G.722.1) and finally narrowband (G.711) a la PSTN.

I could have assembled all of this into a tight little library using Flash or some Javascript, but I decided that it would be better presented laid out across a number of pages in a very plain and simple form. This way you know for certain exactly what you’re hearing and seeing in each case. There’s no active logic in the background except for a little MP3 player embedded in the page.

In order to truly appreciate the difference between the various recordings you will need to be making use of high-quality audio playback hardware. Good quality computer speakers or, better yet, a high-quality headset will be the most revealing. But then, as someone who’s genuinely concerned about the quality of audio over IP telephony…you knew that, right? I thought so.

Audio Sample #3: The Male Voice In Norwegian

The third sample in the set is the voice of VoIP blogger Ruben Olsen of who contributed a sample in his native Norwegian.


Ruben Olsen, Norwegian comparative (G.711, G.722, uncompressed wave)

I regret that in going through my library of samples I was not able to find a G.722.1C encoded version of Ruben’s dialogue. Therefore in this one case I’ve used the uncompressed original in the comparative example. If I get the opportunity to recreate that one file I will try to so so just to have a truly consistent set of examples.


Ruben Olsen, Norwegian uncompressed wave


Ruben Olsen, Norwegian, G.722


Ruben Olsen, Norwegian, G.711

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