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Skype’s Jonathan Christensen On The SILK Codec

skype_logoAs I travel I often fill my down time listing to various podcasts. The IT Conversations series have been a great source of inspiration and education. Today they posted a podcast of  Jonathan Christensen, General Manager, Audio & Video at Skype. He was speaking at the 2009 Emerging Communications Conference on March 3, 2009. In his keynote presentation, called Codec Evolution and Industry Proposal, he announced their new, in-house developed SILK codec and the fact that it was being licensed to third parties for free.

This is definitely worth a listen, and good study for me as I set about preparing for my Astricon 2009 presentation about HDVoice.

Oh yeah. One last thing. I listened to the podcast using the new Skype FreeTalk Everyman Superwideband Headset. More on that later.

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