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Celideo Blog On VoIP Quality Metrics

celiddeo_rs_biggerDo you ever wonder what factors impact your experience using VoIP technology? Very recently Celideo, a maker of testing tools for voice and video over IP, posted a very nice summary of the issues surrounding VoIP quality. The post is entitled, “VoIP QoS Metrics Explained” and I find it a good tutorial on the subject. It’s comprehensive yet concise, and given in easy-to-understand terms.

In addition to having an interesting blog Celideo is active on Twitter as @celideo. One of the more interesting things that they’ve been working on is extending their range of testing tools to encompass VoIP quality measurement for wideband telephony. Their Media Generator is used to load test networks and devices. It now supports the generation and measurement of G.722 audio streams.

This is interesting stuff. Just as happened in the world of high-fidelity audio over decades past; when you have great leaps in the quality of signals you also need ever-better tools to be able to verify the correct operation of those systems through precision measurement.

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