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ZipDX Profiled At Telephony Online

zipdxDavid Frankel’s ZipDX is the topic of an article over at Telephony Online. VUC regulars have been able to enjoy the benefits of the ZipDX wideband conference bridge for the past couple of months. The company has offered up their conference bridge to users who have the necessary phones to join the call in G.722-based wideband.

This service has proven very popular, with some VUC regulars purchasing hardware and/or installing newer Asterisk releases to join in the wideband world. Myself, I only join the call in narrowband as a last resort, usually when I only have my cell phone conveniently available.

Once you’ve heard the difference between G.722 and G.711 it’s very difficult to go back. It’s very much like the difference between cassette and CD. The improved audio quality is especially useful on conference calls. It enhances the intelligibility of what is being said, and helps to overcome strong accents and noisy environments.

polycom_ip650_256The ZipDX service has a really nice interface as well. When I’m at my desk for the VUC calls I often ride shotgun on the wideband bridge management console. It’s feature-rich yet easy to use. I especially appreciate how well the service integrates with Polycom phones. When connected via SIP URI the phones LCD display actually indicates the number of callers on the call and bridge mute status.

What?! You haven’t heard a wideband call? ZipDX has an online demo at Just point your G.722 capable phone or soft phone at that SIP URI and use the # key to toggle between G.711 and G.722 on-the-fly.

By the way; David Frankel will be making an appearance on the HD Interconnection Panel at Jeff Pulver’s upcomming HD Communications Summit in NYC on May 21st.

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