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Review: Polycom Spectralink 8002 Wireless Telephone


I must admit that I was prepared to be disappointed with this little phone. My earlier experience with Wi-Fi SIP phones was not good. But the Polycom name gave me reason to expect more from the 8002 and it delivered. The combination of a recent-generation access point and the 8002 proved very capable.

However, this is a system better suited for small businesses and is less suited to SOHO users such as myself. For home use, there is little to be gained by converged VoWifi. DECT solutions, while less scalable, are readily available, inexpensive and easily deployed beside Wi-Fi networks.

However, for businesses that are already on a path to voice/network convergence, the Polycom 8002 is a viable option for implementing VoWifi as an aspect of their telecom strategy

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  1. Hi MIchael,

    It sounds like the server based config files differ from the wired Polycom IP phones in both format and execution. User credential based vs. MAC based? True?


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