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Review: Polycom Spectralink 8002 Wireless Telephone

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The handset’s case is rugged ABS plastic and should survive being dropped better than most consumer cordless handsets. The buttons are rubberized and have a solid feel. In fact, the buttons are nearly flush with the case and require a firm push to accept a key press. Figure 1 shows the 8002’s keys and display.

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Figure 1: Polycom SpectraLink 8002 Keys and Display

The monochrome LCD display is backlit and has good contrast. The phone’s menus are clearly presented and easily understood on the LCD.

The phone has three settings for microphone sensitivity (Figure 2) in order to compensate for the potential of background noise as might be found in a commercial or industrial setting. In my home office this was not a factor, but it does illustrate the thoughtful design of the phone and attention paid to the target user profile.

Figure 2: Background noise settings
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  1. Hi MIchael,

    It sounds like the server based config files differ from the wired Polycom IP phones in both format and execution. User credential based vs. MAC based? True?


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