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DECT Forum Responds To Cracking Of DECT Encryption

sl965_tit_sys_tro_220x279Earlier today the DECT Forum issued a press release in response to news from last months Chaos Communications Congress (25C3) that the DECT encryption has been cracked. Their press release (PDF) is about what you’d expect. It merely asserts their willingness to work with researchers to develop new and better security provisions as part of the CAT-iQ standard that replaces DECT.

I would hope that they would not only develop a better standard, but also ensure that the encryption provisions are in fact implemented by manufacturers. To my mind the most frightful part of the DeDECTed groups work was finding that some DECT implementations were not encrypted at all. Further, that there was essentially no way for a non-technical user to know if the DECT system that they were buying was encrypted or not.

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New Gadget: Plantronics .Audio 480 Headset

plantronics-audio-480-headsetMy wife is a very patient woman, well much of the time. And I am very grateful, well most of the time. This past Christmas she gifted me a new Plantronics .Audio 480 wired headset. This week is my first business trip since the holidays so I decided to bring it along.

This trip finds me in Toronto. Normally I’d just use my cell phone for everything but international roaming rates are very high. Most typically a week in Canada adds $100-150 to my monthly T-Mobile bill.

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Gigaset DECT Line Announced In The US

In all the activity of CES last week one could be forgiven for missing this press release from Gigaset Communications.

Gigaset Communications Announces the Launch of its Popular Gigaset DECT 6.0 Line of Phones in the U.S.

New, sleek versions of the Gigaset A580 and S675 IP, along with the Gigaset SL785, now available in North America

The award-winning Gigaset SL785 embodies the highest level of design and technology innovation seen in a cordless phone. This new design has already been recognized with an international Red.Dot Honorable Mention award, receiving rave reviews for its metal handset frame and charging cradle. The SL785 also includes user-friendly features such as an ergonomic keypad and large, icon-based color display. In addition to its award-winning form, the SL785 is also an eco-friendly phone with reduced power consumption.

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Can You Hear Me Now? VoIP Bloggers Decide: VoIP Undead!

The past few  weeks the blogosphere has been alight with the conjecture that “VoIP is dead.” A great many have weighed in with opinion on the matter, including; Alec Saunders, Andy Abramson, Dan York*, Ken Camp, Jon Arnold, Irwin Lazar, Om Malik, Tom Keating, amongst others. And a little unexpectedly, Jeff Pulver joined in on the conversation.

All of this seems to have culminated in a Calliflower conference call the evening of Monday January 5th. Those in attendance (39 people!) were essentially the most respected folks in the VoIP blogosphere. The debate was interesting but nothing I care to comment on here. The call is available as a podcast.  It’s a good listen.

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All Your Files Are Belong to Me! – HAL9000

From my Facebook page comes this comment from Gary Mark about our new NAS.

Okay, so why do you need this Mike? Can’t you RAID a couple big disks into your desktop and run it like a server? You’d save another 500 bucks doing this.

In fact for the past couple of years I’ve had a mini-tower PC living in a closet acting as a file server. It wasn’t really a server as it was a pretty limited little box. It had an AMD 1800+ CPU, 512 MB memory and four 300 GB IDE drives on a Promise RAID controller. In RAID 5 it gave me around 860 GB of storage. It actually started out with four 120 GB drives long ago and had been upgraded once already.

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