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Magic Jack Hacked For Use As An Asterisk Trunk

To me Magic Jack is completely boring on its own. $20/yr for unlimited calling in the US is ok. In fact, that’s cheap. But needing to use your PC to run their soft phone client from that USB device is lame.

Some folks at the Unofficial Magic Jack forum have going to considerable length to patch HP thin clients running Windows XPe to also run the Magic Jack software. Thus they can turn off their main PC and just leave the T5700 running. But that’s a lot of effort for very little return.

Now using Magic Jack as a trunk for an Asterisk box. That’s got some real possibilities! I was certain that someone would eventually do this. Earlier this week it came up on the Asterisk Users Mailing List.

Here’s the scoop. C’mon, you know you want to do it.

Now let the debate move on to consider the definition of “unlimited” calling.

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  1. Yeah I think its too much work especially for those not so technical savvy. I got MJ but only as a back to my Onesuite voip which can be use on softphones and ATA’s as well.

    And yes what is trunk for Asterisk box?

  2. Trunk is simply the telecom term for the line that the system uses as an external connection. Magic Jack is an SIP trunk to Asterisk. A means of exchanging calls with the rest of the world.

  3. I’m using hex to check the pmdump file.

    I think the pwd is 20 letters all uppercase, but cannot determine where it is.

    Any help with the process, where the pwd would be, what comes before it?

    “pwd= ?” or whatever.

    Have a trixbox setup and familiar with that but not with diagnosing what I;m looking for.

    Any insight would be helpful(other than what is already posted)



  4. The links I provided in the post should give you all the details. This is not the sort of thing that I get involved with. Minutes are cheap with many, many ITSPs. It’s just not worth the time & effort.

  5. Yea am working on a IP PBX Network, and it would be rather amazing to to connect magic jack to to my asterisk sever, the out of the magic jack goes to my sangoma fxo module and create the truck an work my entire small business with that connection. am actually tring to figure it out now, if u already had a break through , lets discuss it.

    Email me :


  6. I would be interested in using a Magic Jack Plus to act as an extension phone to connect to Asterisk instead of to Magic Jack’s servers.  Has anyone found a way to modify the server & SIP credentials assigned to the magic jack device?

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