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Conference Call Etiquette

Listening to the recording of last Friday’s Calliflower conference call with Alec Saunders on Skype & SIP peering I must say that I was embarrassed for the host. There’s a tremendous amount of background noise in the call recording from someone on the call that was busy going about their day while monitoring the call.

People. Your phones have a mic mute function. Use it!

Self-mute when you’re not speaking. To not do so is simply rude and unprofessional.

Don’t think that just because you’re not talking all is well. Conference bridges have automatic gain functions that ramp up the volume when you’re not speaking. So even in a quiet office the simple act of typing can be like hammering nails to others on a conference call.

BTW, if you’re phone doesn’t have a mic mute function then use the mute function (usually *6)  on the conference bridge….or….get a better phone.

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  1. Alec, I participate in a number of routine conference calls and this is a problem on just about all of them. The part that I find strange is that it can be a problem even when all the parties are telecom professionals.

    It was a great call in Friday. I wish I could have been there live.

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