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Astlinux Approaching New Release

I’ve been running Asterisk since Dec 2002. Much of that time I’ve been running the Astlinux embedded distribution. That distro has been sitting at release 0.48 for quite along time. This has been something of a problem since that version include a v1.2 release of Asterisk itself.

Within Asterisk things have moved on considerably since then. Asterisk v1.4 is now getting into broader use, and v1.6 is where the heavy development is occurring.

Today Kristian Kielhofner posted to the Astlinux User List a notice of an ISO that includes an installer script aimed at making it easy to install the new Runnix+Astlinux distro. It’s a beta and not well tested on lots of hardware, but it’s a clear indication that a proper new release in en route. This is a very good thing.

The usually warnings apply. Beta software, not for use on production systems. Be prepared to lose everything during the install process. You’ve been warned.

Many thanks to Kristian for sticking with it.

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