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Lessons From The VOIP Supply Contest

I took some time to read all the responses to the contest over at the VOIP Supply blog. Some are pretty cool indeed. All of this supports an earlier assertion made by Andy Abramson, the key to success in the VOIP space is applications….not cheap minutes.

People like myself, probably don’t save any money through our use of VOIP, but we do more and different things. That’s what all the contest responses illustrate. We implement all kinds of solutions that might never justify commercial development.

Asterisk is like Mechano or Tinker Toy for Comm-Heads (formerly Bell-Heads or Net-Heads.) Combine with a little DIY ethic and you get all kinds of interesting results. People should be reading this stuff, somewhere in there you can find a path to a decent living in custom comm solutions.

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  1. Michael:

    I can’t agree more with what you have said above and what Andy has said previously.

    I was just talking to an editor of large, main-stream publication about the contest and it’s importance.

    The fact is that Asterisk allows for the creation of not just 101, but hundreds (if not thousands) of niche applications that may solve a problem for one client or thousands.

    In many cases, it is the “value” in the “value add” of what they and that is so much more powerful than most realize.

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