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Brough Turner Revisits QoS Or The Lack Thereof

Brough Turner has written an updated version of his classic opinion/overview of network QoS. His opinion that we’ll never have end-to-end QoS on the internet raised some eyebrows in December 2006…but he was dead right, and remains so to this day.

The updated version includes some new information about potential business opportunities for farsighted ISPs who might offer a better class of service through ensured QoS.

Not to give away the punchline, but here’s his summary:

There is no Internet QoS today, and it’s unlikely any complex QoS scheme will ever be added to the Internet as a whole. To the extent next generation networks with rich QoS are deployed, it will only be within walled gardens. But there may be opportunities for ISPs to create a simple premium service that could generate incremental revenue.

It’s a good read, not too technical and with references from good solid sources.

My own posts about small network QoS and traffic shaping have been the most popular posts since I started writing this blog. There appears to be real hunger for information about this stuff. Brough gives us a definitive overview of the subject.

Many thanks!

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