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Polycom IP200W SIP-DECT Cordless Phone RSN

Is this new Polycom cordless phone a snom m3 in Polycom clothing? It sure looks that way.

According to VOIP Insider, the blog from VOIP Supply, Polycom is readying the release of their new IP200W cordless SIP-DECT phone. The post is here. As was pointed out previously this is based on the same hardware platform as the snom m3. What was unclear previously is that it’s a new product for both companies. That bodes well for future of firmware development to overcome the devices few issues, most especially lack of remote provisioning for contact lists or allowing the use of SIP URIs.

If you follow the link they give to a Polycom PDF document it lists an MSRP of $449 for a base and two handsets. That’s exactly the hardware that I purchased for around $400 USD delivered. Taking in account the street price will be less than MSRP it looks like the pricing will be similar.

VOIP Insider also published a short review of the snom m3, reaching about the same conclusions that I did.

It is curious that even though VOIP Supply carries the snom desk phones they don’t list the m3 on their web site. Perhaps they have decided to offer the Polycom version exclusively. I’m certain that they do more business with Polycom in general.

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  1. Interesting thought Michael.

    I have seen both phones, used the M3 and played with the Polycom at a show and I do not think they are the same product. Similar, yet different.

    Also in regards to exclusives, we are proud of our vendor agnostic approach to providing our customers solutions. We truly do carry everything you need for VoIP and will remain doing so in the future.

    The snom M3 can be found on our site here:

  2. Garrett,

    From the Polycom IP200W provisioning manual it certainly looks like the phones are based on a common platform. They’re not the same phones, but based on common hardware. Hard to know for certain of course as I’ve not had the Polycom device in-hand yet.

    The radio base is physically very similar, right down to the status LEDs. A reader pointed me to the Polycom provisioning docs as being more complete than snom’s, and they do seem applicable. The device logs (provisioning manual page 36) are in exactly the same format. The described behaviour of the volume up key to connect to the base is the same. It appears that at very least they have a lot in common.

    The link you provided certainly offers the snom m3. I see that I can get to it via “$200-$400 IP Phones.” However, the navigational menus for snom phones doesn’t include the m3. Nor the menu for “Wireless IP phones” or the listing given as “Multi-Handset WIFI/Wireless VoIP.”

    Make no mistake, I’m a happy customer. VOIP Supply is usually the first place I look for new SIP gear when I’m shopping.

  3. Hi Michael,

    I was curious and confused by the Polycom and M3 comparison too when I first got my eval unit so I did some digging. That was a few weeks ago but I remember that both phones looked to be manufactured by RTX Telecom ( I don’t have the Polycom unit but perused available docs, photos, etc. The Polycom unit base looks a bit more like the RTX model here (

    I think Polycom and Snom are managing their own independent code bases but sharing the same basic hardware platform with cosmetic changes.

    Grab the FCC ID off of the bottom and poke around here…that’s where I remember digging up most of the info:

    Similar hardware is also sold as the DualPhone, which I believe is an RTX company:

    Perusing the DualPhone Release Notes may be a good preview of things that might trickle down through the chain I suppose.

    Incidentally, my eval M3 unit has 1.07 on it. Having problems with transfers (both attended and not) failing and giving “transfer error” in big yellow error message on the LCD.

    You tried any transfers yet with yours?


  4. Josh,

    Thanks for the links.

    I had transfers working well with v1.01, which was what arrived with the phone in January. I’ve upgraded it to v1.07 since then but can’t recall performing any transfers since the upgrade.

    As a one-man home office there just aren’t that many occasions that warrant a transfer from the cordless to another phone. I usually have to transfer from a Polycom desk phone to the snom to regain mobility after taking a call.

    I’ll give it a try when I’m back in office again, but that won’t be for ten days.

  5. Does someone know the provision url for dualphone firmware updates?
    Maybe it’s possible to cross flash the Snom M3?

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