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The SNOM M3s Are In The House!

The new SNOM M3 cordless SIP/DECT system arrived this morning. Thus far they look nice. There are two handsets and one base. I had them registered to the base and logged into the Junction Networks hosted PBX in about 15 minutes, without even opening the manual.

It’ll take a few weeks of using them to come up with enough detail for a proper written review. One will be in the office and the other in the house for now. I’m off to England for a week so my wife will have the use of one to reach me while I’m away. That should add an interesting dimension to the commentary.

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  1. At the moment I don’t know how you might help. Now that the batteries are fully charged I’ll be using it as my primary phone for the next few weeks. The phone is logged into my account and running fine. It’s staying registered, which is always my first concern.

    If I run into any technical problems relating to interaction with OnSIP I’ll be in touch.

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