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Phones That I Have Known

OK, maybe more than just phones voip-related devices….inspired by Randy’s question about our collective experience with hardware:

* denotes things that I continue to use

  • Polycom IP500*, 501*, 600*, 430*
  • Polycom CS100* (speakerphone gadget for use with soft phone)
  • Aastra 480i CT*, with 1 cordless handset
  • Pingtel Expressa (the single most worthless device I’ve ever bought…but pretty)
  • Zultys 4×5
  • Snom 200
  • Hitachi Cable WIP5000 Wifi cordless SIP handset
  • X-Lite* soft phone
  • X-Pro soft phone (sadly, there’s no migration path from X-Pro to EyeBeam)
  • Firefly IAX soft phone
  • Grandstream BT100
  • Phoenix Audio Duet USB speakerphone device
  • Mvox MV900 USB speakerphone gadget with bluetooth
  • Mvox MV100* USB speakerphone gadget
  • Sipura SPA-2000, SPA-2002*, SPA-3000
  • Digium X100p FXO (3)
  • Digium TDM400p with 2 FXOs
  • GN Netcom GN9350 DECT Cordless Headset
  • T-100* generic headset (a Plantronics clone I think, only $16 on E-bay!)

My operative principle is very simple…if something looks interesting I buy one. Then use it for 30-60 days and decide if it has merit. If it’s a good device put it into heavier service. If it’s not a good device then list it on Ebay and accept a small loss as the cost of aquiring the knowledge about the device.

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