A Challenge: WebRTC Screen Sharing v2

screenshare-composite-example2-300pxIt’s been a year or more that tools like Google’s Hangouts have supported the ability to share a host computer screen with the viewing audience. This was rightfully heralded as “a very good thing indeed.” However, it’s current incarnation is considerably less than ideal and seems to be stalled. I’d like to lay out a challenge to see if anyone is interested into taking this to the next level, which is something that we’ve tried to do with a few VUC calls earlier this year.

Here’s the fundamental problem; people use screen sharing to give demos of software and share documents, which includes giving presentations a la PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. Currently, Hangouts, Jitsi Video Bridge and the like show either the screen share or the camera. In the case of slide presentations there can be very little activity in view as the presenter speaks to the points shown on the current slide. This creates less than compelling visuals.

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Audio Codes Wideband Voice Webinar May 14th


Things are starting to ramp up prior to next weeks HDComms Conference in NYC. Audio Codes is presenting a webinar entitled “HD VoIP: The Next Sound Barrier” on the topic this coming Thursday, May 14th at 9am EDT. This presentation is to be given jointly by Alan Percy,  Director of Market Development at Audio Codes and Jeff Pulver. Registration appears to be open to all interested parties.

The webinar is hosted by Webex which supports direct VoIP conferencing for attendees. I wonder if that aspect of the service is wideband? Or perhaps supports dialup via SIP URI? Their FAQ is unclear about the details.

Sadly, I will not be able to attend this particular presentation, although I did sit in on what I expect is a similar webinar series that Audio Codes gave last November. Hopefully it will be recorded so that I can give it a look while traveling on Friday.