Telecom Junkies On Disaster Planning & Recovery

OK, so maybe I consider myself a Telecom Junky these days. I’ve been listening to these podcasts from The Voice Report for a while. They’re mostly aimed at enterprise concerns beyond SOHO scale but the most recent one on disaster recovery is very interesting.

They include on the call the telecom manager from the New Orleans airport speaking about disaster recovery and planning post hurricane Katrina. This is really interesting stuff. Even home office dwellers can take a lesson from the matters being discussed. Planning in advance is critical.

I feel a particular affinity towards New Orleans. Not only because it’s a great town and I also live in hurricane alley. But because WWL-TV are a customer and good friends of mine. They are the local TV station that stayed on-air through Katrina, even as they relocated to Baton Rouge. They’re a fine example of what local broadcasting is supposed to be about. Service to the public. They were positively heroic.

When The Lights Go Down

A couple of days ago Garrett Smith posted on his blog entry stating, “One More Reason Pure VoIP is Not The Way to Go.” He goes on to describe a weather event that took out his power, internet access, and therefore his VOIP service.

I was born in the Niagara Region on the Canadian side of the border. I lived for 15 years in Toronto as well as 10 years in deep Northern Ontario. I’ve known winter in all its majesty.

In my former life as a kite enthusiast I made the drive from Buffalo, NY to Erie, PA through many a winter storm. And they certainly do get blasted from time-to-time in that part of the country.

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