DIY SOHO Organization For Rack Mount Gear

The late George Carlin famously told a story about, “a place for my stuff.” A home office can be a challenging place in which to find a proper home for all you stuff. We need a place for everything, and everything in its place…or anarchy reins.

As most home offices are not equipped like corporate data centers, rack mount equipment can be especially difficult to accommodate. Often gear designed to be rack mounted doesn’t readily take to being used on a table top, at least not for the long-term. I recently stumbled upon a novel and inexpensive solution to housing a small amount of rack mount gear; the Lack Side Table from IKEA.

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Parts Express Now On Twitter

parts-express-flier1Parts Express is a wonderful resource for the technologically handy. In this mornings email I found a flier that emphasized they are now using social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter. There’s a Facebook group and the Twitter account is Parts_Express.

Over the years these guys have been a constant source of tools, wire, components, and best of all…inspiration.