Logitech’s New Squeezebox Touch

If you’ve been around here a bit you’ll know that I really like my Squeezebox systems. In fact, enough that we have four of them and need one or two more to complete my master plan for whole-house, yard & office audio. This past week Logitech announced a new version that revisits the core functionality of the Squeezebox3, the model that I own already.


It’s called the Squeezebox touch and it’s very similar to my beloved Squeezebox3. For the same $299 selling price as the older Squeezebox3 the Squeezebox Touch adds a 4.3″ touchscreen LCD, a USB port and SD card slot for playing music from local media even without a Squeeze Center server.

This makes it just about perfect for students who don’t want to keep a computer running as the repository of their music library. Just plug a portable HD into the Squeezebox Touch and use the infra-red remote control as your means of accessing its functions. Since the web interface was based on the Squeeze Center server software I presume that it won’t be available if you use a PC based music server.

I can see one of these in my future. Perhaps if I’m very, very good Stella will get me one for Christmas?