Mix-Master Mike*: Bridging The Bridges Then & Now

Mocet-Communicator-White-VUC-Composite copyDo you remember way back when VUC calls were don using Talkshoe? That was the service that Randulo used to create the VUC, and it remained the primary conference  used until the end of 2008. It was in November 2008 that I arranged to have David Frankel of ZipDX make a VUC guest appearance.

David’s visit was unusual in that we used it as an opportunity to expose the assembled audience to conferencing using HDVoice. David was kind enough to provide some licenses for Counterpath’s G.722-capable Eyebeam soft phone. This allowed us to have a dozen people on ZipDX in HDVoice, while the rest of the audience remained on Talkshoe. You can still listen to the archived recording of the call if you’d like.

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Marc Abrams of Mocet: All About The Communicator for iPad

Mocet Communicator white & blackFriday, August 16th the VoIP Users Conference will feature Marc Abrams of Mocet with a discussion of their Communicator, a dock that turns an iPad into a full-featured SIP desk phone.

There are many among us who have lamented the sorry state of innovation in the realm of the enterprise desk phone. Does Mocet have a viable alternative? Or is is just another accessory for the iAfflicted?

The device showed enough promise to convince me to buy an iPad. That’s saying something.

New Gear: Mocet Communicator For iPad

Mocet-Communicator-White-facing-left-300pxIt has become something of a habit to announce when new gear arrives in my office, especially if that gear is destined for review. A couple of weeks ago I received a review sample of the Mocet Communicator. Communicator is essentially an audio dock for an iPad that turns it into an executive desk phone.

As you may know, I don’t generally use Apple products. However, occasionally there comes a product that is sufficiently interesting to get me to move in that direction. In the past case of the Invoxia NVX-610 I purchased an iPod Touch in order to provide a suitable host for the device under review.

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