Deal Alert: San Disk Cruzer Micro 4GB $8.95 @ BUY.COM

I can hear you now. “What! Why would Graves be recommending a plain vanilla USB memory stick? Not especially cheap nor especially large? He must be mad!” That may well be true, but it remains comfortably beside the point.

As you may know we do like our Polycom SoundPoint desktop phones around here. In fact, the IP650 has perched upon my desktop longer than another other single device. One of it’s great conveniences is the software option called the Polycom Productivity Suite, which I purchased for all my IP650s.

This software includes the ability to record calls locally on the phone with just one or two button presses. This has been tremendously useful for podcasting, technical and normal business applications.

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Polycom Soundpoint IP670 Available For Order

It appears that the Polycom IP670 with the color backlit LCD is finally available for order. It also has gigabit ethernet like the IP560 released last fall.

The IP650 (pictured right) that I’ve been using lately certainly benefits from the backlit LCD. This is one of the reasons why I started to use Aastra phones a couple of years ago.

I really want to be using HD Voice as I go forward. The real question before me is does the color LCD and faster network merit the extra cost over the IP650? My old IP600 is likely to be retired to a lesser role one day soon.

Update: I see that VOIP Supply has these listed at $429. That’s actually less than I might have expected!