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Wideband Audio In Gizmo5

The past couple of days I’ve been playing around with the Gizmo5 client on my desktop. It’s actually pretty slick. I wanted to see if I could pass a wideband call to/from Gizmo5 from my Polycom 650s or Eyebeam. So far no joy. There seems to be a problem completing a call from Gizmo5 to OnSIP via SIP URI. The call rings on the IP650 but cannot be answered. Not certain if its an issue with Polycom firmware or both devices being behind the same NAT and trying to connect directly. I’ll try and work that out when I’m back at home.

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Gizmo5 Adds Conference Service

Earlier today I received an email from Gizmo5 offering a new conference bridge. I’ve had an account with these guys since they were known only as “” Like FWD I really don’t use it for much but I do have a phone registered to the account 24/7.

Unlike FWD, Gizmo5 doesn’t seem to be winding down. The availability of a free conference bridge supporting up to 10 people could be very useful.

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Skype vs Gizmo5: On Open Networks

Over the past week Skype has been making some waves, starting with a speech at ITXPO where they declared “VOIP is Dead.” Then Michael Robertson of Gizmo5 fired back in response to their petition to the FCC arguing for more open wireless networks (aka cellular.) What folly, a closed network operator (Skype) preaching open networks to other closed network operators (cellular carriers.)

Dan York has collected up the actions & reactions, as well as the Calliflower conference call on the matter from last Friday. Michael Robertson was on that call. It’s definitely worth a listen.

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