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HDVoice In Service Of Online Radio: Part 1

This morning I received a very interesting question from a reader:

I am looking for an IP phone that supports G.722 and has audio inputs / outputs so I can connect it to my mixer. We are trying to connect two studios together for an online radio station. I have yet to find anything other than high end Polycom gear that has something like RCA in/out jacks. Have you by any chance come across anything?

Soljon Zool
Citizen Media Group

While not usually of concern to a small office or home office such issues are routine in broadcasting, which remains how I earn my living. Further, if you’ve read much around here you’ve probably realized that lousy audio quality on radio call-in shows is one of my pet peeves. Even online radio operators should be concerned about audio quality.

Finally, this is a novel application for HDVoice. It’s not something that I’ve done previously, so it caught my interest.

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