This is the sort of “3D” that I will not up with put!

3DRemember the opening sequence Sesame Street? Well, this post is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter D…cuz some of you weren’t paying attention all those years ago!

Both Voxeet and Dolby Voice are interesting binaural conference services. However, some of the marketecture being deployed sets off alarm bells in my mind. Despite claims to the contrary, and the echo of such claims by the media, I don’t believe that what they offer is “3D audio.”

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New Web Site On Michael Gerzon, Surround Pioneer

This morning on the sursound mailing list I read about a nice new web site detailing the life of the late Michael Gerzon.

Michael Gerzon is a mathematician and pioneer in surround sound theory. He invented the Ambisonic approach to accurately recording an acoustic event. His theories and techniques were a topic of profound interest to me while I was in College.

Now that I’m older, and better funded, I find that I’m revisiting surround sound and specifically Ambisonics as an aspect of planning for my forthcoming home theater installation.