Auphonic: A Free Online Tool For Automatic Audio Post-Production

auphonic-logoOpen source guru Randal Schwartz of FLOSS Weekly recently interviewed Georg Holzmann of about their new online service for post-processing audio files for podcasts. sounds very interesting indeed.

In the past the routine production of the VUC podcasts involved the use of The Levalator from The Conversations Network. That program, while a potent tool, is run locally and limited to processing uncompressed WAV files. This places a certain burden on the user to know how to create the appropriate source files, and later on to encode the processed files for publication online.

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FLOSS Weekly #126 Features Askozia PBX

It’s always great when a FOSS project starts to get broad recognition. Earlier this week Michael Iedema of AskoziaPBX was the featured guest on FLOSS Weekly with Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb.

AskoziaPBX is one of the most interesting embedded Asterisk distributions. I’ve followed it from its earliest days, having tried it myself on various small hardware platforms.

I believe that Randall got wind of AskoziaPBX when Michael appeared on a recent VUC call. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project. The attention is well deserved.